Fitness for Life: Elementary School Physical Education Lesson Plans

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Fitness for Life: Elementary School Physical Education Lesson Plans

This Fitness for Life: Elementary School physical education guide contains everything you need to deliver wellness lesson plans to K-6 students. The Physical Education Lesson Plans book and the two DVDs, resource CD-ROM, and music CD contain the following:

·         Standards-based lesson plans that are packed with activities and that coordinate with lessons used by classroom teachers

·         Over four hours of video content, including fun plug-and-play routines (featuring embedded wellness messages) and instructional videos that teach the movements

·         Hundreds of printable resources, including full-color activity cards and task cards, signs that reinforce wellness messages, worksheets, and newsletters

·         Music tracks with silent intervals for use with station activities and cadence tracks for use with fitness assessments


About the Fitness for Life: Elementary School Program

The award-winning Fitness for Life middle and high school programs now have an elementary school companion program. Fitness for Life: Elementary School is a coordinated program that promotes wellness, physical activity, sound nutrition, and healthy lifestyles throughout your entire school. It facilitates total involvement by using physical education lessons, classroom activities and discussions, recess, before- and afterschool activities, cafeteria events, family nights, and more. The program also incorporates nutrition guidelines associated with MyPyramid and introduces the new Physical Activity Pyramid for Kids. All components work together to reinforce targeted educational themes and messages from week to week.

The Fitness for Life: Elementary School program enables you to do the following:

Teach essential health-related concepts of fitness, physical activity, nutrition, and wellness Meet local and state requirements for daily and weekly physical activity Implement easy-to-follow lessons that are standards based and developmentally appropriate Enhance academic performance and help fight childhood obesity Coordinate efforts among classroom teachers, physical educators, other school personnel, before- and afterschool program leaders, and parents Meet recommendations and standards from CDC, USDA, and NASPE, among others


With its integrated lesson plans, activities, videos, and resources, Fitness for Life: Elementary School can provide the foundation for a new coordinated school health program or greatly enhance an existing program.

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