Fitness for Life Elementary School Program Package

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Fitness for Life Elementary School Program Package

What is Fitness for Life: Elementary School?


The award-winning Fitness for Life middle and high school programs now have an elementary school companion program. Fitness for Life: Elementary School is an innovative multimedia program that facilitates total school involvement by using physical education lessons, classroom activities and discussions, recess, before- and afterschool activities, and even family nights to deliver appropriate physical activity, plus concepts to promote health-related fitness and active lifestyles.


Fitness for Life: Elementary School was developed by nationally and internationally recognized leaders Charles B. “Chuck” Corbin, Guy Le Masurier, Dolly Lambdin, and Meg Greiner. The program has been field tested and is based on the most current research and standards regarding health-related fitness, activity, wellness, and nutrition.


Why use Fitness for Life: Elementary School?


The Fitness for Life: Elementary School program enables you to do the following:

·         Teach essential health-related fitness, activity, nutrition, and wellness concepts

·         Meet local and state requirements for daily and weekly physical activity

·         Implement wellness in the curriculum

·         Implement easy-to-follow standards-based lessons

·         Enhance academic performance and help fight childhood obesity

·         Coordinate efforts with nonschool personnel, including before- and afterschool program leaders and parents

·         Meet recommendations and standards from CDC, USDA, and NASPE, among others


What comes with the program?


Fitness for Life: Elementary School includes everything you need to implement a coordinated nutrition, physical activity, and wellness program:

·         4 full weeks of theme-based lessons featuring videos, activities, and music

·         7 classroom guides featuring 140 lesson plans and activities for grades K-6

·         A physical education lesson plan book packed with activities and 32 lessons

·         More than 16 hours of video content, including 140 physical activity routines (28 core routines with special wellness messages for each school day) and 4 schoolwide team activities

·         A complete wellness coordinator’s guide that includes assessment tools and resources for schoolwide special events

·         A music CD to accompany the physical education lesson plans

·         Hundreds of full-color reproducibles, including signs, newsletters, and activity cards

·         Program-specific Web site


This wealth of information also allows you to be flexible in how you run the wellness program. There is enough material that you don’t have to use all the resources the first year; you can choose which materials to use and how often you would like to use them.


Fitness for Life: Elementary School program contents


The Fitness for Life: Elementary School program includes the following books:


·         Physical Education Lesson Plans

·         Guide for Wellness Coordinators

·         Classroom Guide: Kindergarten

·         Classroom Guide: First Grade

·         Classroom Guide: Second Grade

·         Classroom Guide: Third Grade

·         Classroom Guide: Fourth Grade

·         Classroom Guide: Fifth Grade

·         Classroom Guide: Sixth Grade


The books include the following bound-in discs:

·         10 DVDs

·         1 CD-ROM of resources

·         1 CD of music

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