Johns Hopkins HIV Guide 2012

Author : Joel E. Gallant

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Johns Hopkins HIV Guide 2012

Based on the same award-winning content as the Johns Hopkins POC-IT Center online database, The Johns Hopkins HIV Guide 2012 is the most up-to-date HIV treatment and management resource on the market. Written by Dr. Joel E. Gallant, world renowned expert in the field of HIV and infectious disease, this concise and well-organized medical reference is broken down into several modules, including: Diagnosis and Evaluation, Treatment Options, Resistance and Complications, Prophylaxis and Antiretroviral Drug Summaries. Johns Hopkins HIV Guide 2012 contains the most current, relevant and evidence-based information on HIV and AIDS. Selected topics include: • Antiretroviral Therapy Adverse Effects • HIV Antibody Testing • Important Genotype-Resistant Patterns • Musculoskeletal and Neurologic Complications • HIV Infection and Pregnancy • Drug Resistance Mutations in HIV • and more!

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