Steroids and Doping in Sports: A Reference Handbook (Contemporary World Issues)

Author : David E. Newton Ph.D.

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Steroids and Doping in Sports: A Reference Handbook (Contemporary World Issues)

The use of performance-enhancing drug use in sports is never out of the news, whether it's cycling, baseball, Olympic sports, or mixed martial arts. Interestingly, the use of steroids to boost human performance stretches back to ancient times. Written by a former professor of chemistry, Steroids and Doping in Sports: A Reference Handbook provides not only information about all aspects of performance-enhancing drugs in sport, but also supplies a thorough, scientific background about the drugs themselves—the chemistry and biology of steroids, what scientists have learned about these substances, and the specific ways in which they affect the human body.

The author documents the cat-and-mouse actions of the athletes and those who supply them with performance-enhancing drugs to push the envelope, and of the sport and athletic groups—such as the NCAA and the International Cycling Union—that try to monitor and control such drug use. The work also includes a chapter containing snapshot profiles of many individuals involved in steroid use scandals and organizations with an interest in topics related to steroid abuse.

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