Steroids (Health and Medical Issues Today)

Author : Aharon W. Zorea Ph.D.

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  • Steroids
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Steroids (Health and Medical Issues Today)

A thorough, balanced examination of the controversies on the therapeutic and non-therapeutic use of steroids that covers both legal medical therapy and illegal performance enhancement.

• Examines the historical trends leading to steroid use as part of social attitudes and problems related to self-image, competitiveness, and aging

• Provides a thorough discussion of policy responses to steroid policy issues such as law enforcement and illegal trafficking, safety guidelines for medical practitioners, and unique considerations for youth protection

• Includes a host of related primary document resources that support the discussion on steroid use

• Supplies a detailed chronology of the major relevant events in steroid history, starting from the first discovery of synthetic versions of testosterone and including all major scandals in professional sports

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