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Discount Sober LivingVision House Sober LivingSpring Valley Club on FacebookStatCounter - Free Web Tracker and CounterMeeting Schedulesitemap ALCOHOLICSANONYMOUSThis Website is dedicated to exposing Alcoholics Anonymous For the Fraud that it isWe want to help Alcoholics and Addicts Stay Sober ThroughWill Power,Self Determination, Evidence Based Treatment,and Self Help Support GroupsAlternative Program ReviewsThere are over 45 million stories on Yahoo search engine for ' is AA a Cult 'A Rational Look At AAA Doctor Talks About AA's failure with only 3% Success Rate VideoAA Secrets They Don't Want You to KnowProblems with joining AA or being a member of AAAA vs Rehab, A scientific AnalysisCure of AlcoholismThe Cause and TheWhat's Not Good About AAIs AA a Cult?Free Book, Alcoholism Cure, Passages MalibuStatistics on AA, Reported by HazeldenThe Effectiveness of the Twelve StepsSaint Jude Retreat 6 week ProgramAlcoholics Anonymous, Logical ApplyOnline Recovery Book12 Step Free Dsicussion GroupParticipate in Your Recovery HereEvidence Based Approaches to Addiction Treatment, National Institute on Drug AbuseTop 10 Reasons to Run from AA, videoAnother Great Video on AAPenn and Teller on AA, VideoDeprograming from AA, VideoPayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online! Want to help?Support us in our efforts subscribe todayWant to help?Support us in our efforts subscribe todayOne is the Loneliest Number, a Great Video on AARecovery Videos BelowArticles and Analysis of Recovery Programs BelowPayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online! Save Our SelvesSOSThis is the Largest Program in the World for People who Want to Stay Sober without using 12 step based programsMultiple Courts Rule AA/NA Are ReligionsWhite Privlage??? not about recoveryThis Column contains links Recovery Programs for Alcoholics and People suffering from AddictionAA is dangerous and here are just some of the reasonsVISION HOUSE SOBER LIVINGLas Vegas Sober LivingThe Cult Called AA,click hereAll cults reject and label as untouchables any who do not embrace their particular version of "Truth"How many more people have to die at the hands of AA before Legal action is taken to stop them from killing people via their lies and offering Treatment for Alcoholism when they have no qualifications to treat anything? It is time for a Class Action Lawsuit by the families of all those that died in AA

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