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Central Recovery Treatment (CRT) offers a complete continuum of opioid-free, chronic pain treatment and addiction treatment programs Its flagship inpatient treatment center, Las Vegas Recovery Center (LVRC), is nationally renowned for its inpatient programs and has been providing treatment to clients from across the world, since 2003 CRT's main offices and LVRC are both located far from the strip, nestled in an intimate, residential are near the base of the Spring Mountains in Southern Nevada

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What Causes Alcoholism?:

Category: Alcohol Addiction 

Alcohol abuse and addiction are serious medical conditions that require treatment by chemical dependency specialists. Abruptly stopping alcohol consumption after extended use can result in serious medical complications, including death. Detoxification from alcohol dependence shoul

Date : 05 Feb 2016

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Alcohol addicted :

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hello i am alcohol addicted is there  any one here the same?

Date : 18 Sep 2015

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Addiction hurts the American Workplace:

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According to recent news reports on a new United States government study, the epidemic of substance abuse has reached critical levels among our nation’s work force. Almost 1 in 10 full-time workers report having a serious drug or alcohol condition in the past year. This poses a serious r

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