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Who We Are & What We Do-A Personalized Approach To Recovery

When I founded my nonprofit organization in 2013, I had one goal. I wanted to send shockwaves into the current approach practiced by most rehabilitation systems across the world. I explored the data and success rates within the field and the conclusion was staggering.

The fact is most rehabilitation programs combine Mental Health, Suicide Ideation, and Addiction into a one-stop formula that tries to cure each as a whole in juxtaposition to each individually. My question became, “Is this the best we can do and does the success rate support this approach?” The answer was categorical “No”. What was even more shocking was the fact that in 2023 we actually have more suicides and overdoses than at any other time in history. Additionally, those loved ones dying are as young as 10 years old which is not something that has ever occurred. Now that I saw the problem, the more important question became, “What is the solution?”
I admit, my relentless curiosity stems from the pain of losing my sister that battled bipolar and chronic depression since she was 13 to suicide in 2010. I then lost my dad to an opioid overdose in 2015.

These experiences are why I have dedicated my life to producing and designing the most personalized, up-to-date, and diverse recovery programs for each client I work with. I am not a babysitter that eliminates harming oneself or finding a drug dealer as my main goal each day. My only objective is to produce and deliver lifelong positive behavior changes and teach everyone I work with how to live a healthy life. Especially with individuals that feel they are “different” than most people in our society.

I use a combination of academic training from UC Berkeley and my MA degree in motivating and inspiring others to live healthy lives. My Recovery Specialist training allows me to guide, support, mentor, and advocate for future goals we design and create together while we collaborate.

While designing my programs, I saw something that is revolutionary to incorporate into our field. Many of those that struggle are waiting for an extraordinary breakthrough in pharmaceuticals or a large-scale external breakthrough to take place. Paradoxical to this view, I have seen the power that stems from within oneself and not from the outside. Positive communication and natural remedies have huge breakthroughs for those in pain. In the same way, a negative thought can produce suicide ideation, positive thinking can change someone’s attitude which directly connects to positive behavior changes and one’s self-worth. There are no shortcuts. Hard work, persistent action, and "failing with enthusiasm" are the keys to living a successful life. “Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying” is the foundation of my life’s work.

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