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Catya Sassoon

Actress, Singer And Former Model
Remembered Best As:
American Actress, Singer And Former Model


Daughter of English hair stylist Vidal Sassoon and American actress Beverly Adams, she was born and lived her tender years in Manhattan, New York, than in Los Angeles, California At 14, she dropped out of Beverly Hills High School to pursue a modeling career in New York, due to the persuasion of talent agent John Casablancas She signed with the Prestige Agency and was considered with their best junior models, svelte and with beautiful gray eyes, and long reddish hair She traveled to London with her father, and made that city her new hometown while modeling in Europe During a visit to Los Angeles, she was invited to do a film test, and soon she earned a nickname, the title of her fist big movie, Tuff Turf (1985) Managing her schedules, she continued her fashion model career while taking part in TV series like Amazing Stories (1985), Out of This World (1987), Hardball (1989), and The Fanelli Boys (1990) The big movies came next, and the first of a series of five films she signed for with producer Roger Corman Angelfist (1993) was not her best film, but it certainly became popular and resisted two decades in video, portraying an undercover narcotics agent, Catara Lange (a name reminiscent of her real name, and Los Angeles), in the milieu of competitive and extreme martial arts She invested for her new character by studying tae kwon do and arnis de mano, but did not fulfill her contract due to her premature death, during a New Year's Eve party Married twice, Catya Sassoon had three children: a son born in London, in 1995, and twin daughters Mycca and Syke born in the spring of 2000

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