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Jay Reatard

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American musician from Memphis, Tennessee. Lindsey was signed to Matador Records. He released recordings as a solo artist and as a member of The Reatards and Lost Sounds


Tennessee's Jay Reatard (real name Jay Lindsey), who had played wild punk-rock in the Lost Sounds later documented on Blac Static (Fat Possum, 2011), and had formed the angry vitriolic Reatards of Teenage Hate Plus (1998 - Goner, 2011) when he was still a teenager, debuted "solo" with the sparkling punk-pop of Blood Visions (2006). Most of the songs are extremely short, with Greed Money Useless Children belonging to the sarcastic side of things, Puppet Man and I See You Standing There to the violent side, and the "lengthy" My Shadow (three minutes), Turning Blue and especially Nightmares to the emo/melodic side. Some also toy with odd discordant constructions reminiscent of the new wave of the 1970s (My Family, Waiting For Something, We Who Wait). His art extends beyond the premises. He proves his melodramatic skills in Oh It's Such A Shame, which shares little of punk's fury and nihilism

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