In the Community

Agoura High School Community Service Fair!

23 Oct, 18

Ciji K Founder, Dustin Pollack, working with youth at local high schools and starting the conversation that needs to be said: why is suicide the second leading cause for our youth in 2018? It’s time for change and it’s time for people to.... Read More

Bake Sale Fundraiser Creating Mental Health Awareness!!

29 May, 18

Such awesome volunteers!!!! Read More

Solidarity With Local High Schools

20 May, 18

So awesome to have local hgih schools joining our commitment to help others! We couldn't do this without the awesome support of local counselors that refer our Nonprofit for service hours!! Read More

Amazing "Cards Night" On March 3rd Event!

08 May, 18

So thankful for having the best friends and family that have supported CIJIK since the beginning! It wouldn't be possible to have the success that we have had without these amazing people that give above and beyond every year!  CIJIK thanks.... Read More

CHS Awesome Service Learning Fair!

02 May, 18

Special thanks to Rachel for putting this event together, making a beautiful sign and taking awesome photos for our cauase! So great to have local high schools reaching out in full solidarity for mental health and suicide awanress!!  Read More

Awesome Volunteers From CHS Support CIJIK!!!!!

17 Mar, 18

Such as pleasure to have Sara and Andrea from CHS!!! These girls came every Saturday morning for over a month to Support Suicide and Mental Health Awareness! Such a pleasure to have such hard working dedicated humanitarians helping their.... Read More

Outback Steak House Supports Mental Health For Their Community!

27 Feb, 18

CIJIK would like to give a special shout out to our local sponsor, Outback Steak House, for their dedication to their community and some of the best BBQ dishes in the area!  We would also like to thank personally, their lovely Manager Katie,.... Read More

Founder of CIJIK Brings Ciji's ashes around the world.

26 Feb, 18

It is so important to remeber those that have been lost to overdose and suicide.  One thing we like to do as a family, is bring ciji's ashes with us anywhere we go. This year, CIJI went to Hawaii with us! Read More

Hall Of Fame Pitcher Randy Johnson Supports CIJIK!!!

14 Feb, 18

To Say it was an honor would be an understatement when I found out Randy Johnson, arguably the best pitcher of all time, has signed an authentic MLB baseball for CIJIK! It is one thing to be the best on the field of sports, but an.... Read More

CIJIK Texas Hold'Em Tournament Sponsorship-March 3rd

14 Feb, 18

We are having a Texas Hold'Em Tournament (No real money being played-No Alcohol Provided) at the Calabasas/Agoura Rec Center (Directions in attachment) on Saturday March 3rd from 12-5. I attached the pdf form which is great.... Read More

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