The Christian Gentleman's Smoking Companion: A Celebration of Smoking to the Glory of God

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The Christian Gentleman's Smoking Companion: A Celebration of Smoking to the Glory of God

What do a Christian pop star, a pope, a Puritan, and a full-fledged member of The Gospel Coalition have in common? A love for cigars and pipes. Are you aware of the smoking progression from seminarian to senior pastor? Did you know you’re probably lighting your cigars wrong? Did you know that smelling a cigar tells you next to nothing about its origin, quality, or flavor? If you answered no to any of these questions, it’s in your best interest to read this book. Immediately. Inside you’ll find • brief profiles of prominent Christian smokers, past and present • what to look for (and avoid at all cost) in a cigar lounge • helpful articles on types of cigars and smoking accessories (so you don’t look like an idiot out there) • a list of cigar brands and what they say about you • a helpful guide to living with your anti-smoking wife • and much more With wit and wisdom, Ted and Zach restore the act of smoking cigars and pipes to its proper place—that of an enjoyable pastime that helps men connect with God and each other in a way that could not be facilitated by, say, your typical small group meeting, with wives in tow, kids screaming in the back yard, and a plate of smooshed brownies on the coffee table. If you love to smoke (or want to love to smoke [or want to love someone who loves to smoke but you just can’t get over the fact that they are smoking]) to the glory of God, get ready to laugh, learn, and linger over these pages.

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