Where Do Broken Hearts Go?: Healing and Hope After Abortion

Author : Jane Abbate

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Where Do Broken Hearts Go?: Healing and Hope After Abortion

You Can't Change Your Past. You CAN Change Your Future. Whether you are pro-life, pro-choice, or undecided on abortion, one fact is clear: There is a great emotional price paid by virtually all women who have chosen to terminate a pregnancy. Following an abortion there can be a stressful, soul-searching period extending for years or decades. Where Do Broken Hearts Go? neither points fingers nor makes judgments. It simply acknowledges reality and counsels women - and men - on how to move forward in their lives with purpose and fulfillment after an abortion. Its approach is built on the foundation that God does not expect us to be perfect - He wants to forgive us and love us as we learn and grow from our experiences. With sensitivity and compassion, author Jane Abbate addresses such issues as how to: * break free from denial and confusion about your past * find relief from toxic guilt and shame * release and replace anger and anxiety with peace and hope * find comfort from hurtful feelings of heartbreak, regret and loneliness * connect profoundly and tangibly to the ultimate source of comfort and joy This is a practical guide to healing on many levels. It is filled with a wealth of usable information from the author's personal, hard-gained experience, plus inspiration from uplifting scriptural passages. It shines a gentle light on the path to reclaiming a life of self-respect, love and happiness. It is a much-needed resource for anyone who has gone through an abortion and for those who love and counsel them.

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