Wit and Wisdom of Anonymous Alcoholics: Lessons on Living from 25 years in the Halls of Recovery

Author : Sharabi

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Wit and Wisdom of Anonymous Alcoholics: Lessons on Living from 25 years in the Halls of Recovery

Humor, psychology and spirituality come together in this entertaining and extensive collection of 3300+ anecdotes and insights into life from more than a thousand recovering alcoholics. Compiled over 25 years, this book shows diverse viewpoints, both reverential and rebellious, and provides an intimate view into the rooms of modern sobriety. It contains traditional faith-based perspectives as well as non-theistic, self-awareness approaches to 12 Step recovery. Appendices include historically significant letters highlighting the role of Carl Jung in the founding of AA, discussions of AA Steps and Traditions, and three insightful essays including, Do I need to believe in God to be in AA? Sharabi is the pen-name of a physicist-alcoholic forced into treatment by his corporate employers in 1985. Successfully sober since then, he has been exploring therapy and other healing traditions while attending regular AA meetings. Fully indexed, sewn hardcover, 640 pp, 80 illust. by author.

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