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Making the decision to become sober is one of the most rewarding choices you can make. And we're here to help you through a successful transition. We offer a variety of drug abuse treatment services to all clients Nationwide. We'll customize a program that fits your recovery needs, be that group, individual, or family counseling. Call us today at 863-623-4923 and ask about our scholarship program.

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I was so sad to hear about Lacie Weitz, Oak Park High School graduate was only 29 years old. Her artistic representations about the way she felt addicted and consumed with her opiate addiction is so visceral and such a unique perspective. I really wish she could have used this artistic

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Despite the challenges of 2020, Rumer Willis ended the year on a special note as she reached four years of sobriety. Keep scrolling for what she had to say ab

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Matt Thompson was a genuine, honest and caring person.  I am so sad that this young person who i have the pleasure of calling a friend committed suicide. One of the best thi

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