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Wells House Incorporated was founded in 1976 as a private, nonprofit charity that operated as a halfway house for local homeless alcoholic men. In the thirty-six years since its founding, the program’s mission has expanded to not only provide evidence-based behavioral health treatment services, but ancillary services that address all aspects of rehabilitating men and women back into the community as productive members of society. The Wells House program is designed to offer peer support and encouragement that enables patients to begin to live a life free from drugs or alcohol while restoring self-confidence, dignity, family relations, and becoming a productive member of society. Integrated services include; supportive environment substance use education, group and individual counseling, case management, family involvement in the treatment process, education and a focus on removing barriers to recovery. Each resident is treated individually, developing his or her own personal treatment and recovery plan. This includes individual, group and family counseling, substance-based educational sessions, referrals for rehabilitation, in house educational training, financial planning, coordination of continuing care treatment services, employment, housing, medical (including mental health) and legal issues. The Wells House is licensed by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene as an inpatient treatment facility and outpatient care provider. Funding is received from various sources, including but not limited to various state and local agencies, as well as patient fees, and donations from private sources such as foundations, community organizations, churches and private citizens. The Wells House is registered with the Office of the Secretary of State as a charitable organization and is Incorporated as a non-profit [IRS 501 (c) (3)] tax-exempt organization. - See more at: http://www.wellshouse.org/#sthash.SVlllQrr.dpuf

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Hi, I am suffering from the addiction of Drugs and Gambling, Needs a Rehabilation center plz help..

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