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Agoura High School Graduate Suicide-R.I.P My Friend Matt Thompson


Matt Thompson was a genuine, honest and caring person.  I am so sad that this young person who i have the pleasure of calling a friend committed suicide. One of the best things about Matt was that he worked at an animal shelter giving all the animals that nobody wanted or cared for nothing but respect and love.  While Matt battled his own demons, his actions and care for these animals is something i find so inspiring. My sister that committed suicide in 2010 always gave this unconditional love to animals as well- esepcially those at shelters. I think these acts of kindness and love for animals is such a beautiful and respectable act that shows although they suffer- they are at their best with a suffering animal because they offer nothing but love to them which always humaizes them instead of thinking about their last act as a suicide. To the Thompson family- you are wonderful people and the Memorial you held for Matt at the best was so special and beautiful i have no doubt that Matt was with you and its very obvious that you were wonderful parents <3


Know What Your Kids Are Watching

27 Sep, 21

If you don't program your mind, your mind will be programmed for you. Know what your kids are watching, monitor their social media accounts. Read More

Salute To A Tremendous Actor

26 Sep, 21

The overdose of casual drug users is becoming more and more of an epidemic. Stay away from hard drugs, not because they rot your brain but because right now the increase in fentanyl as a cutting agent is taking over and killing after a single.... Read More

Taking A stand!

04 Jun, 21

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Finally, Supreme Court Holds Up Decision To Prosecute People Who Push Others To Suicide

30 Jan, 20

Really big decision for those sick individuals that push others and literally encourage at risk persons to commit suicide. They should be held accountable and receive jail time which this decisions finally takes a srand on! Solidarity! Please post.... Read More

Agoura High School Community Service Fair!

23 Oct, 18

Ciji K Founder, Dustin Pollack, working with youth at local high schools and starting the conversation that needs to be said: why is suicide the second leading cause for our youth in 2018? It’s time for change and it’s time for people to.... Read More

Bake Sale Fundraiser Creating Mental Health Awareness!!

29 May, 18

Such awesome volunteers!!!! Read More

Solidarity With Local High Schools

20 May, 18

So awesome to have local hgih schools joining our commitment to help others! We couldn't do this without the awesome support of local counselors that refer our Nonprofit for service hours!! Read More

Amazing "Cards Night" On March 3rd Event!

08 May, 18

So thankful for having the best friends and family that have supported CIJIK since the beginning! It wouldn't be possible to have the success that we have had without these amazing people that give above and beyond every year!  CIJIK thanks.... Read More

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