The Best Tips for Throwing a Fun, Clean and Sober Halloween Party

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Date: 04 Oct 2017

Created By : CalebAnderson

Getting through the holiday party season can be challenging, especially when you are recovering from addiction.  Take charge of your Halloween fun by throwing the party yourself this year.  By offering awesome, alcohol-free punch and keeping the party rolling with great movies and games, you and your guests will have the best Halloween ever.


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Be the Host with the Most.  By throwing your own party, you can set yourself up for success this Halloween.  According to the Chicago Tribune, experts say that holidays can cause a stumble into relapse.  Hosting your own party can help you maneuver through the party season.  You give yourself the opportunity to reframe the event.  You can eliminate peer pressure and some of the awkward moments that could come with declining drinks and substances you want to avoid.  


Add Some Punch to your Party.  Providing your own delightful drinks is an easy way to make your party a smashing success.  Here are some non-alcoholic punch ideas and recipes experts recommend:

    Witches Brew.  This five minute throw-together packs a wallop.  Ginger ale, sherbet and frozen limeade make up a foamy blend.  Some dry ice makes presentation complete.

    A la Martha.  Follow this great tutorial video for Martha Stewart’s Bloody Poison Punch.  Using non-alcoholic ginger beer and a creepy floating face, you couldn’t possibly go wrong.  

    Green and Ghoulish.  Bubbly and green with lychee eyeballs to garnish, this punch is sure to be memorable.  

    Icy Stares.  Speaking of eyeballs, adding ice cubes in the shape of eyeballs is a sure way to bring spook to the evening.  This cranberry juice-based punch with sparkling lemonade has some zing and fizz.

    Handy Punch.  A fabulous, blood red drink with a gelatin hand floating around is sure to be the talk of the night.  Wicked Witch Halloween Punch is made with ginger, sparkling water and pomegranate juice.  It’s sure to make your party wickedly fun!

    Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble.  Take green sprite, add Nerds, and presto - you have an easy drink with fizz and fun.

Spooky Foggy Wormy Punch.  By adding dry ice and gummy worms to a green beverage like limeade, you have a simple and fun Halloween treat for guests of all ages.  

Candy Corn Punch.  Here’s a great version of this punch you can try:

  • Ice

  • ⅓ orange soda

  • ⅓ Gatorade

  • ⅓ lemonade Vitamin Water


You can either fill individual glasses or fill a glass pitcher according to instructions.  Be sure to use clear glass so your guests can enjoy the candy cane colored layers of liquid.  If you choose the pitcher, the colors will blend when poured.

Instructions: Fill your container (pitcher or glasses) to the top with ice.  Pour the orange soda in until you have filled the container a third of the way.  Slowly add Gatorade until two thirds full.  Slowly add lemonade until full  Don’t stir the drink or it won’t work.  



Add Some Action.  Your party will keep moving with Halloween movies and trivia.  The Balance offers some great trivia games that are perfectly geared toward Halloween.  You can choose from a variety of themes, ranging from classic to challenging to ultimate trivia.  Play classic horror movies to accompany the games.  Watching The Exorcist or Psycho and playing horrifically fun games will give your party an edge and set the tone for a great evening.

Time to get this party started!  You can have the best Halloween ever by hosting your own celebration.  Offer a non-alcoholic, fun punch that puts everyone in a party mood.  Then keep the conversation flowing with a horror movie and trivia event.  You’ll discover that hosting your own party can make your Halloween fun, sober and successful!

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